Alfa Romeo – Montreal

  • The Car – 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal.  Alfa exhibited a show car at the Montreal World Expo in 1967 and it was so well received that the company decided to put it into production.  It has a very high revving 2,600 cc V-8 engine mated to a close-ratio gearbox.  The engine was not shared with any other production car.
  • The Story – Early production car.  The original owner from Montreal, Canada was one of the people that wrote in to urge the company to produce the car.  When it was announced that the car would be built, he was one of the first people to order one.  He went to the factory in Milan to take delivery of this car, drove it around in Italy and then had it shipped back to Canada.  After I acquired the car, I took it on many tours and club drives and put many, many miles on it.
  • The Cool Factor – Rather rare car, especially in North America.  Won a number of awards at car shows including the Dolce Vita award at the Concorso Italiano.  Great touring car with a glorious engine.

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