There are two common questions I encounter when someone sees my bikes.  The first is “what is my collecting philosophy?” to which I am attaching a post I made to the Classic Rendezvous digest on the subject:

“Before I started with bicycles, I was into cars which made me realize it is so much easier to buy than to sell anything.  When I got into bicycles, I was determined to only collect what I really wanted, at the right size etc.  My original intent was to have an example from each one of the more famous Italian makers and preferable in the color that is identified with the maker such as celeste for Bianchi, silver for Cinelli, blue for Gios, etc.  I subscribe to the Classic Rendezvous bike philosophy and pretty much stuck to “on topic” bikes.   I am also partial to Super Record era bikes and period pentographed Campagnolo parts.  As time went on, I realized that as much as I tried to keep to my original collecting strategy exceptions need to be made.  With around 40 bikes, I am pretty much done.  I am happy with what I have and feel that I pretty much have gotten all the bikes that I care to have and can obtain.   I am, for the first time in about 15 years, not looking for another bike.  However, I am not ruling out another bike finding me.

The collection is one of exceptions.  I pretty much stayed with the Italian theme but the one example from each maker idea went out the window.  How can you only have one Colnago?  There are so many interesting models so I ended up with 5, a 1971 Super with the playing card graphics, a 1977 Super with all panto parts, a Saronni bike with all panto parts, a Equilateral with Campy 50th group and a Regal with the Colnago 30th group.  I also can’t have just one Masi and ended up with an early Cali GC, an Italian GC, a 1981 Prestige and a Barcelona 3V.  All bikes are Italian except I needed one example from each of the major bike producing countries of the OT era.  So there is a Hetchins from GB, a made by Merckx, Eddy Merckx from the Benalux, 3Rensho from Japan, Motobecane Grand Record from France, a Mondia from Switzerland and a Chrome Paramount from the USA (if I don’t count the Cali Masi and the Confente).  All bikes are steel except I needed one example of each of the other major material.  So there is a Alan made aluminum bike and a Nishiki badged carbon bike and a Teledyne titanium bike.  All bikes are lugged except for the aforementioned Teledyne Titan.  All bikes were acquired used except for a Mondonico that was custom built for me in 2002.  All are road racing bikes except for a Casati track bike.  OK, I just think of something….I need an exception to all the racing bikes in the form of a touring bike.  Anyone has a Rene Herse in a size 59 they want to part with ?  LOL ” .
The other question is “are they for sale?” to which I say “Never say never!”.  This can be interpreted to mean “I have no intention to sell anything at the moment but if you make me an offer, I will give it the proper consideration.”

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi there,
    I have a few old steel frame bikes one which is a Bottecchia Americas 500. Cant find much info on this model. Got any detail you can share with me?

  2. You are my hero for having a Teledyne Titan in your marvelous collection, I have two Titans and and a Bob Jackson World Tour. I encourage you to acquire a classic lugged touring bike, I can guarantee a big smile after only a few miles.

    Best Wishes: Mike

  3. This collection is amazing! It is both an inspiration and a reference tool. I too love vintage Italian bicycles and will continue to use it to enhance my own collection. Ciao Carl.

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