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Welcome to this virtual garage!

As evidenced on this site, I am passionate about machines that are both on two and four wheels.  I had the pleasure to own, restore, work on and enjoy the use of these machines.  Each one was lovingly refurbished and maintained and most show the marks of my individual and personal touches.  I cherish every part of the processes; searching, acquiring, locating parts, wrenching (sometimes accompanied with heavy swearing) and using these vehicles.  The best part of it all was the people I met along the way, the roads I travelled on them and the satisfaction I got from bringing them back to the purpose that they were intended for.  I consider myself only as a custodian to these machines until they are passed on to someone else.

To look at the bicycle collection check out the Pedal Power page then click on the Bike Collection button to go to the individual bikes.  For the fuel burning machines, go to Octane Power then click on the Car/Motorcycle button for the different entries.