Octane Power

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I have always loved cars.  They had been a big part of my life and to some extent, they still are.  The infliction hit me at a pretty young age and hard.  I spent a lot of my time learning, restoring, maintaining and detailing them.  I also race, tour and show them.

At one point in my life, I spent more time working on my cars than at my job.  Many hours were spent late into the night and on weekends especially before a car show or a race.  I had a stable of around 10 cars for quite a few years.  Everyone was good enough to be put into a local car show or driven across the country on moments notice.  The amount of work to keep them at this level was enormous.  After a few years, I had gotten smarter and would only prepare a couple of cars each year for shows and tours.  Nowadays, my stable is much smaller and because of my relocation, I usually only have the opportunity to do a tour or a show once a year or so.  I do still enjoy working on them and I also judge at car shows.

I like Alfa Romeos.  I like their designs, engineering, philosophy of what cars should be like and their glorious history in building great road cars and racing successes.  When I was young, I had a list of dream cars of various makes and models that I wanted.  When I was in a position to acquire hobby cars, most of them had gotten out of my financial reach.  As I like to say “the cost of my dreams outpaced my ability to save for them”!  Alfa Romeos allowed me to have something unique and exceptional.  They also introduced me to racing, touring and the many great friends that I made.

Individual entries can be seen by clicking on Cars/Motorcycles on the right.  I have excluded the ones that are parts and incomplete cars or ones that I did not own for very long.

I hope you enjoy them.