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  1. Hi, I’m a collector in the Bay Area. I have just spent about a hour on your site. Great Photos! I was trying to distinguish the difference between a Colnago Regal and an Arabesque. I’m stumped. Nonetheless, it seems you had at one time an interest in acquiring an Arabesque. I have one in red, a 56, I believe, that I am willing to part with. If you are interested, please reply.


    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for the note. I believe the Regal is the fancy version of the Arabesque. It uses the same lugs but have a more fancy paint job and the Columbus Esagonal (six-sided) tubing. It is much rarer and you hardly ever see them. I am no longer looking for an Arabesque. Thanks for offering.

      BTW, I used to live in the Bay Area and are good friends with quite a few of the vintage crowd.


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