Ford – F100

  • The Car – 1953 Ford F100 Pickup.  50th Anniversary of Ford, first year of the F100 and last year of the flat-head V8.
  • The Story – I put an ad in a local classified looking for a 1953 to 1956 Ford F100.  A farmer from rural Northern Minnesota responded.  The truck was about 20 years old at the time and it’s been off the road for 8 years just sitting in the back of his barn.  Acquired it for $300 and drove it for 25 years with two restorations and a replacement engine along the way.  Used it as a winter driver in the Mid-west and later as a tow vehicle for my vintage race cars.
  • The Cool Factor – Iconic Ford pick-up with the last year of the flat-head.  Big smiles and waves from people on the road.  Gathered untold amount of notes attached to the windshield wanting to buy it.

Scan_0020 (3)Scan_0019 (4)Scan_0019 (3)Scan_0020 (2)F100Scan_0019 (2)

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