Other Cars

Here are some other cars that I have owned over the years.  

– My first car was a 1962 Mercury Comet with a manual “3 on the tree” transmission that I bought for $150 while in college.  It was followed by a 1959 VW Bug, then a 1967 Mustang with a 289 and 4-speed.  For over 45 years, I always have a Ford full-size pick-up.

1984 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 and 1993 Alfa Romeo 164L – I have owned a number of different makes of cars as daily drivers including Audi, Buick, Ford, Mercede, Jaguar and even a Yugo as well as others.  These two cars were beyond just utility appliances to get me from point a to b.  They have spirit and stirred the soul.  Bought new and driven daily with joy.

Red Drivers

1967 Alfa Romeo GTV – Restored by Fritz Duernburger.  Shown at Expo’86 in Vancouver.

Scan_0001 (2)GT 1600

1971 Ferrari Dino 246GT – Great car to drive on an open road.  Sounds great and looks cool.  Tough to drive in city traffic even in the 1980’s.


1980 Ferrari 308 GTS – Another F car!  Sounds great smells nice but drove like a truck.  Somehow everyone on the road either wanted to take a picture of the car or to race you.

Scan_0020 (4)Scan_0020 (5)

Momentos from various car shows and races





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