Elva – Mk III Sports Racer

  • The Car – 1958 Elva Mk III Sports Racing car.  One of about a dozen or so Mk III’s.  Purpose built race cars with tube frame chassis and aluminum body.  Independent suspension with De Dion rear and four wheel disc brakes.  Car weights around a thousand pounds when originally equipped.
  • The Story – Completed in late 1957 and shipped to America.  Entered in the Bahamas Speed week with the intention of doing well enough to qualify for the 1958 Sebring 12 hour race.  Elvas were impressive with multiple wins and thus were invited to Sebring.  This car was originally equipped with a 1100cc Coventry Climax engine and later changed to a 1959 Alfa 1300 unit.  Records showed that the car was actively raced through to the late sixties.  I acquired the car in the mid 1990’s in need of much restoration and sorting.  After 20 plus years of going through at least three different restorers, the car was finally completed by Andy Pearson of Specialty Engineering in the Vancouver Area.
  • The Cool Factor – A rare and historic race car that is very pretty to boot.




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