Alfa Romeo – Giulia SS

  • The Car – 1963 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale.  Bertone built body on a Sprint platform.  Up-rated version of the 1600cc engine with 5-speed gearbox.  Total production run of around 1,400 cars.
  • The Story – I have owned this car since the mid 1980’s.  Acquired it from a dealer that imported the car.  I did vintage racing with the car for a number of years and then restored it back to street trim and did many touring events and rallies with it.  It is a great driving car.
  • The Cool Factor – Rather unusual car to be driving around twenty, thirty years ago even amongst real car guys.  Dolce Vita award at Concorso Italiano.

SAM_2985_LIScan_0012 (5)

DSCN6582DSCN6572DSCN6573DSCN6578Scan_0011 (3)Scan_0009 (2)Scan_0010 (5)Scan_0001 (2)

SS at SJ

Displayed at SF International Auto Show to promote the Palo Alto Concours


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