Alfa Romeo – Duetto

  • The Car – 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce but more popularly known as the Duetto based on the name chosen in a car naming contest.  Also commonly referred to as the round-tail Spider.  These cars became iconic after it appeared in the popular movie “The Graduate”.
  • The Story – I looked at more than a couple dozen of these cars over the years trying to acquire one.  These cars were very prone to rust and had dubious built quality being built by Italian union workers in the 60’s.  At the time, these cars were generally just used cars and most of them were abused.  Before they became collectable and fetching a good price, most cars had minimal maintenance and were mostly neglected.  After buying and reselling a couple of these cars (mainly projects), I came upon this one.  It was owned by a car mechanic and was mostly in good shape but needed detailing both cosmetically and mechanically.  I used this as my week-end car and a back-up daily driver for a number of years in the Bay Area.
  • The Cool Factor – Nice driving car and attracted a lot of thumbs ups.  This car was loaned for the production of the PBS TV series “Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of The Internet.  AKA Glory of the Geeks” in 1998.  It was fun following the film crew and watching the production of the show behind the scenes.

Scan_0015 (3)Scan_0025 (3)Scan_0021 (2)Scan_0025 (2)dashcockpit-whole

Scan_0021 (3)

Nice pair

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