3Rensho – Super Record Export

  • The Bike – Mid 80’s 3Rensho Super Record Export.  Suntour Superbe Pro group.
  • The Story – Token Japanese bike.  Acquired frame and fork from eBay.  Accumulated parts from different sources.
  • The Cool Factor – From the era of master builder Yoshi Konno.  Beautiful hand cut lugs, off-set fork crown and Superend dropouts.  Possibly the most coveted Japanese street bike of the era.

DSCN5420 DSCN5421DSCN5422DSCN5423DSCN5432DSCN5424DSCN5425DSCN5426DSCN5427DSCN5428DSCN5429DSCN5430DSCN5431DSCN5433DSCN5434DSCN5435DSCN5419


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