Bianchi – 1961 Specialissima

  • The Bike – 1961 Bianchi Specialissima.
  • The Story – Pre-eBay days.  I saw an ad on the Internet for a bike that I was interested in and responded to it.  The owner said it was already sold but he had this other bike that he would like to sell.  The bike was very original with some incorrect parts.   More appropriate parts were sourced and installed including a correct stem that came courtesy of Dave Martinez.
  • The Cool Factor – Original beautiful finish.  Matching embossed and anodized pump.  Nicely finished lugs and workmanship.

DSCN5069 DSCN5070 DSCN5071 DSCN5072 DSCN5073 DSCN5074 DSCN5075 DSCN5076 DSCN5077 DSCN5078 DSCN5079 DSCN5080 DSCN5081 DSCN5083 DSCN5084 DSCN5085 DSCN5087DSCN5089 DSCN5088DSCN5068


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