Cinelli – 1974 Speciale Corsa

  • The Bike – 1974 Cinelli Speciale Corsa
  • The Story – Acquired bike from Toronto, Canada in original condition with original receipt dated 1977.  All indications pointed to a 1974 built so it probably sat at the bike shop for a few years before finally sold.  Top tube was terribly faded and discolored and was subsequently repainted by Toxik Design Lab (top tube only).
  • The Cool Factor – Looks pretty cool in gold sitting next to the 1965 silver SC.

DSCN4973 DSCN4974 DSCN4975 DSCN4976 DSCN4984DSCN4977 DSCN4978 DSCN4979 DSCN4980 DSCN4981 DSCN4982 DSCN4983  DSCN4986DSCN4972


One thought on “Cinelli – 1974 Speciale Corsa

  1. Lovely collection ! I see that you must be on the taller side of stature. I mean what’s the point of having such beauty and not being able to ride it Right? My own collection can be seen at and searching velogarden or google : velogarden

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