Confente – Pro Strada

  • The Bike – 1978 Confente Pro Strada, serial #03.
  • The Story – Peter Gilbert turned me on to this one.  Acquired from American cycling legend Jock Boyer.  I went to his shop on the Monterey Peninsular to pick up the bike and saw all the other cool bikes he had including a number of other Confentes and bikes that Mario built for him.  Notice the word ‘Strada’ missing on both sides of the chain-stay.
  • The Cool Factor – It’s a Confente!  Need I say more?

DSCN4864 DSCN4865 DSCN4866 DSCN4867 DSCN4874DSCN4868 DSCN4869 DSCN4870 DSCN4871 DSCN4872 DSCN4873  DSCN4875 DSCN4876 DSCN4877 DSCN4879 DSCN4863


Mario Confente’s shop in the late ’70s


Period price list



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