Mondia – Special

  • The Bike – 1973 Mondia Special.
  • The Story – My token Swiss bike.  Acquired frame and fork from eBay.  Beautiful R. Gangl repaint in candy apple red with gold lug lining and brace-ons added.  Bike came without decals.  Sourced decals through Ed Litton and applied in-house with a final coat of clear.
  • The Cool Factor – Very nicely finished with an almost feminine quality to it.  I call it the queen of the fleet.

DSCN5401 DSCN5402 DSCN5403 DSCN5404 DSCN5413DSCN5405 DSCN5406 DSCN5407 DSCN5408 DSCN5409 DSCN5412DSCN5410 DSCN5411   DSCN5414 DSCN5415 DSCN5416  DSCN5418DSCN5417DSCN5400


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