Mondonico – Custom Foco

  • The Bike – 2002 Mondonico Custom Foco.
  • The Story – Frame custom built for me.  Ordered through Terry Shaw of Shaw Cycles in San Jose.  Antonio himself was there to do the fitting and his son, Mauro was doing the interpretation.  Antonio had asked to bring a favorite bike to the meeting.  After some measuring and discussion of what I was expecting and what I wanted to use the bike for we went out to the back parking lot where he wanted to see me riding the bike I brought in my normal riding style, on the drops, sprinting and riding off the saddle.  He was taking notes and then he nodded and said that he could build me a bike.  I wanted the bike to reflect the steel bikes of the vintage era with chrome front and rears and chrome lugs.  I also specified the shade and color of paint I wanted and I believe the frame was sent to Jim Allen in Southern California for paint after it was built in Italy.  I equipped it with Campagnolo Record 10 group opting for the carbon bits even though it did not look vintage but it was contemporary.
  • The Cool Factor – It was custom built for me.

DSCN4848 DSCN4849 DSCN4850 DSCN4851 DSCN4852 DSCN4853 DSCN4854 DSCN4855 DSCN4856 DSCN4857 DSCN4858 DSCN4862DSCN4847


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