Motobecane – Grand Record

  • The Bike – 1976 Motobecane Grand Record.
  • The Story – Token French Bike.  I had a hard time picking a French bike to complete my collection because most of the bikes of this era were poorly built.  I finally settled on a Motobecane Grand Record because of the unique paint scheme and the Nervex lugs.  The bike did not disappoint in that it was very poorly built with nothing lining up and the finish was crap.  Acquired this bike through eBay from Blackhawkacb which I gathered is an actual bike shop or in business selling bikes and parts.  The bike was in very bad shape when I received it with lots of rust under the paint which the seller skillfully disguised in the listing.  It was also missing some parts.  Email and queries to the seller netted no response.  Luckily, black paint is very easy to touch up.  Nonetheless, this is the worst bike in my collection in terms of rareness, desirability and built quality.
  • The Cool Factor – Bike with almost all of the original equipment which was an eclectic collection sourced from different countries and manufacturers.

DSCN4896 DSCN4897 DSCN4898 DSCN4899 DSCN4900 DSCN4901 DSCN4902 DSCN4903 DSCN4904 DSCN4905 DSCN4906 DSCN4907 DSCN4908


DSCN489511_Grand_Jubile_&_Grand_Record15_specs2 1976 Motobecane Catalog




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