Pedal Power




This private collection is dedicated to racing bicycles from the golden era of cycling – from the sixties through to the mid-eighties –  including some newer examples that were built by craftsmen in the same spirit.  It celebrates a time before aerodynamics, experimentation with different, newer materials and when doping dominated the vocabulary of cycling.

The bicycles themselves are presented in a way that reflect what they would have been like, equipped with period correct or appropriate parts.  They were prepared to riding condition (and often do get exercised) rather than as static displays.  Originality was treasured, patina through years of use was not masked and attempts were made to preserve the period parts except for the wear items.  Searching, acquiring, restoring and preparing these bikes gave me years of immense joy and afforded me the opportunity to meet and befriend many like-minded enthusiasts.  It now gives me great pleasure to be able to share them with you.

To get a feel for the focus of this collection, click on the Pedal Notes page on top.  Feedback and comments are much appreciated.  Please enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Pedal Power

    • I do ride them all. Some I like riding more than others so they ‘get out’ more. I have to admit that there are a few I haven’t ridden for a while!

  1. Felix,

    A most beautiful collection. Last time I saw a small number of your beauties was when you and another gentleman (can’t remember his name) came down to one of Chuck Schmidt’s Velo-Rendezvous years ago.


    • Hey Marc,

      Great to hear from you. The gentlemen you refer to is Fritz Duernberger. He also has a great collection of around 80 bikes. I joked that I am only half as bad (or as good) as him. Now in his mid-seventies he still puts in 50 to 60 miles a day. Most certainly an inspiration to me. I miss the Chuck Schmidt events and the great times we had!

  2. Many thanks for sharing your collection. I was hoping to see a Rossin Ghilbi or two, are you not a big fan?

    Have a great weekend

  3. Lovely Olmo Competition HF ! I have one too , although without all the pantographed equipment. I have always wondered though at the difference between the HF and just the Competition model ?

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