Colnago – 1977 Super

  • The Bike – 1977 Colnago Super with pantograph parts
  • The Story – I had always wanted a seventies pantographed Colnago and bought most of the parts as a package from Italian eBay a number of years ago.  After searching for quite a few years with a couple of false starts (acquired frames that were inappropriate) I finally came across this very original frame.  By then I had acquired all the needed parts to finish the build.
  • The Cool Factor – Mid seventies pantographed Colnago that looks stunning in real life and a nice ride to boot.

DSCN4954 DSCN4955 DSCN4956 DSCN4957 DSCN4964DSCN4958 DSCN4959 DSCN4962DSCN4960 DSCN4961 DSCN4963  DSCN4965 DSCN4966 DSCN4967 DSCN4968 DSCN4969 DSCN4970 DSCN4971DSCN4953


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