Eddy Merckx – Professional

  • The Bike – Early to mid 80’s Eddy Merckx Professional
  • The Story – Token Benelux bike.  Acquired frame and fork on eBay.  Seller do not have much info.   Collected the parts over time and finally had a cool frame to put them on.
  • The Cool Factor – A Merckx built bike in Molteni color with full panto parts.

DSCN5169 DSCN5170 DSCN5171 DSCN5172 DSCN5179DSCN5186DSCN5173 DSCN5174 DSCN5175 DSCN5176 DSCN5177 DSCN5178   DSCN5183DSCN5181 DSCN5182  DSCN5184 DSCN5185 DSCN516809



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