Masi – GC California

  • The Bike – 1975 Masi Gran Criterium, California
  • The Story – Acquired frame and fork from Morgan Fletcher.  Morgan got the bike from the original owner Gary Rauch.  Gary bought the bike new from a fellow bike club member and then owner of Masi, Bill Recht.  The bike followed Gary all over the U.S. through his college years, medical school and his internship.  In the early 80’s the bike was sent back to Medici for refurbishing.  Brace-ons were added and the bike was striped of color and plated.  By the time Morgan got the bike it was in pretty bad shape with much rust showing through the plating.  It was sent to Ed Litton for major work and that’s when I acquired it.  Ed took the plating and the additional brace-ons off and basically brought it back to original configuration.  I was careful to equip it with period correct parts much like ones that would have been put on the bike originally.
  • The Cool Factor – Early California Masi with known history in stock condition.

DSCN5091 DSCN5092 DSCN5093 DSCN5094 DSCN5105DSCN5095 DSCN5096 DSCN5097 DSCN5098 DSCN5099 DSCN5100 DSCN5102 DSCN5103 DSCN5104  DSCN5106 DSCN5107DSCN5090


Period Masi Catalog



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