Teledyne – Titan

  • The Bike – Teledyne Titan, 1975.
  • The Story – Token titanium bike.  Acquired naked frame and fork from eBay.  During build up the steerer tube was discovered to be cracked.  It was expertly repaired by Chris Dekerf of Dekerf Cycles in Vancouver.  The tubes are larger than the contemporary standards and provisions were made on the down-tube to allow the mounting of standard parts.  Standard top-tube cable guides, however, require longer bolts which by itself was an interesting exercise.  Replacement decals came from Dale Brown of Cycles deOro – twice!
  • The Cool Factor – Early attempt to use titanium for the entire bike.  Nice and light.
  • DSCN5463
  • DSCN5465 DSCN5466DSCN5467 DSCN5470DSCN5482DSCN5476DSCN5477DSCN5475DSCN5468DSCN5479 DSCN5471 DSCN5472 DSCN5473 DSCN5474 DSCN5478DSCN5480DSCN5462 Teledyne-brochure

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